Is This The Blockchain Platform Of The Future?

After graduating I was not actually sure to work for someone else or do something on my own. Thought of being independent and creating my own destiny won in the end. Some of my friends suggested me few sites like Fiverr, upwork and freelancer .com.

I was enjoying my life as a freelancer, all these platforms has lot of opportunities, more over I liked my freedom. But there were some issues with these platform like the fees are really high around 20%, delay in withdrawal etc.

That’s when I stumbled upon Boon platform. I was actually very excited to see a blockchain platform for freelancers as I believe blockchain is the future.

I started a digging a little deep. What I found blow my mind away. Boon claims to be worlds first Artificial Intelligence powered decentralized job marketplace.

Artificial Intelligence Powered Decentralized Platform

Boon uses Artificial Intelligence to rate and match talents and clients. I believe this is really gigantic because I know its really unfair to compare a $5 job to $5000 job in all the present job platforms. This kind of intelligence is an essential today. According to white paper there are 36 elements used to rate and rank a freelancer on Boon platform.

No Language Barriers

I always find it difficult to deal with clients whose first language is not English. This is always a hindrance to get the requirements initially as well as the success of the project.
Boon platforms offer Artificial Intelligence assisted translation live on the platform, which is amazing and essential for a marketplace like this.

More Secure Identity Protection

I am always worried about a rogue employee stealing my identity in all these site. Boon has Artificial Intelligence powered Identity verification which completely eliminates the human intervention.

I think this is gonna be a game changer in job market place if they are able to implement it well.

I really hope they be a success because this will really help all of the freelancer economy to boom.

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